Taking care of yourself with eco-friendly items


Switch to a eco-friendly consumption is to develop new habits on a daily basis. But becoming a consumer does not mean neglecting your style and doing away with your beauty and well-being rituals.

Whether it is to dress yourself or take care of your body and skin, there are many eco-responsible solutions available. For clothing, you already know the solution of the second hand since you are on our online thrift store Moitié Moitié. But what about beauty accessories? 


In this article, we offer you concrete solutions to replace your beauty accessories with sustainable and ecofriendly products. So you can take care of yourself and the planet by killing two birds with one stone.


  • A zero waste shave


Whether you're male or female, you've probably experienced shaving problems and you need to be aware of the negative impact of disposable plastic razors. The solution? The safety razor! 


This shaving aid can be used by men for everyday shaving or contouring their beard and moustache, as well as by women to shave off unwanted hair.


Here is a list of all the advantages of the safety razor: 

  • a durable object: if you take care of it, it will last you for years.
  • Recyclable blades: they must be changed regularly to maintain shaving efficiency (approximately every two months for weekly use) but are 100% recyclable.
  • a precise shaving accessory: its manoeuvrability and efficiency allow you to shave hair in all areas of the body, even the most intimate. 
  • An economic object: even if the purchase may represent a significant expense at the beginning, the investment will be quickly amortized (especially if we take into account the high price of disposable razors).
  • A stylish object: if you are a fan of vintage, you will surely appreciate the style of this object, much more elegant than the blue or pink plastic razors. 


Still think about buying your safety razor at a shaving accessory specialist to assure you of its quality. And to complete your collection of eco-friendly shaving products, there are also shaving breads for men and women. It's the equivalent of shaving cream in solid form. And for the gentleman, the shaving brush will be a perfect complement to this outfit.

  • Gentle make-up removal for the planet


The washable cloth make-up remover discs and reusable are now well known to everyone. Environmentally friendly and cozy, they are part of the beauty accessories of every zero-waste enthusiast.


When you want to purchase new make-up remover sponges, just remember to check that the cotton used is organic and that they're handcrafted. This is an opportunity to support small businesses that are committed to an ecofriendly approach.


And these washable discs aren't just for women to remove their makeup. Cleansing your skin at night before going to bed, whether you're a man or a woman, is a good routine to adopt. It removes the dirt and particles that have accumulated on your face during the day and allows your skin to breathe properly. 

Durable brushes and combs


Even you probably won't have to replace your comb and hairbrush every two weeks, consider getting a planet-friendly item and your hair the next time you have to change it.


We can already advise you to ban plastic combs and brushes which, in addition to being polluting, tend to create static electricity when brushing. Instead, use a wooden comb like the Big Red combs. And for hairbrushes, you should know that there are sustainable models as with toothbrushes: you keep the wooden handle and only change the pin holder.


The bathroom is the first room in the house to be favoured when deciding to commit to waste reduction and more responsible consumption. Thanks to these new beauty accessories ecofriendlyyou can continue to take care of yourself while also taking care of the planet.