How to wear Mom jeans in 2021?

Timeless fashion from the 90s: the mom jeans are finally back, here we explain how to wear mom jeans in 2021 😉

The embodiment of cool and vintage, the Mom jeans have everything to please us!

By the way, did you know why he's called Mom?

It's nicknamed "Mom" because it refers to the pants worn by moms of a certain generation 😉

Well now it has become a cult object because it has been used in many 90's movies series. In particular "Friends" where it is used to excess! But also in Point Break with the beautiful and wonderful Keanu Reeves.

In short, you will understand that the Mom jeans are a symbol of the carefree years when cigarettes and gasoline were cheap! In this article we will show you where and how to wear Mom jeans in 2021!


How to wear Mom jeans in 2021?

How to wear Mom jeans in 2021?

The cut of the mom jeans ?

A real star of the 90's (in case you didn't get it). These jeans proudly display their high-waisted cut, tight along the hips and thighs and ending above the ankle. Very familiar with faded or bleached colors. You can now find it with all kinds of colors from sky blue to indigo.

Well, at Moitié Moitié, the typical example of Mom jeans is the Lev'is 501 that you can find in many different colors on our website 🙂 Note that the American sizes are really the best to choose a pant.


You will have to add 8 to an American size to match the French size.

Example: If you have a w32 jean, it will correspond to a Size 40 in France.

Jean Mom Askari T 40

How to wear Mom jeans in 2021?

What is the body type for the Jean Mom?

With its loose fit on the hips and fitted on the legs, mom jeans are unfortunately not always the most flattering pants. The most "thin" silhouettes are lucky and these trousers will not necessarily be the "Best friend" of many people! As the actors of the series friends testify, they are all fans of the mom jeans. We reassure you, it is not for as much reserved for the size model!

Tip for the little ones among us, as Mom jeans can easily pack you in with their length! Don't forget the high boots, a few extra centimetres gained with buffalos can allow you to proudly wear your Mom jeans.

Where and how to buy mom jeans?

ean levis 501 dark grey size 42

Then, for your outfit, the nice thing with this type of pants is that it's not complicated to dress up ! A pretty belt, a plain cotton tee shirt and why not with a blue work shirt or a retro jacket! (Generally not need to look very far to be well dressed with this type of clothing).

We'll put some pictures to give you some ideas 😉

online vintage secondhand secondhand vintage store

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This is the epilogue of this article on Mom jeans. We hope that you will have understood that these pants will become an essential in your dressing. You will be able thanks to this one to symbolize a past period and to resemble the stars of the sitcoms of the 90's ;).