Vintage fashion

Some purists will tell you that vintage fashion is an art of living, others will tell you that it's just a passing fancy. But why is it such a hot topic today? 

Why vintage fashion?

In definition: " Vintage qualifies an element dating from a certain period, an object relating to the past; it can nevertheless be used in the contemporary period. "( Thanks Google)

Already, our vision of clothing fashion has changed, today we are beginning to question our way of consuming. It is worth remembering that the textile industry is the second most polluting industry in the world (about 3 to 10% of global CO2 emissions). The making of a pair of jeans represents 7000 to 10 000 L of water for its manufacture! Without forgetting the totally exploited workforce ...

PS: We will avoid quoting all the Fast Fashion brands that have big disputes with the law on this subject otherwise we may not get out of it.

However, vintage and second-hand seem to be a good alternative to overcome these ecological problems. Maybe we could finally get out of this archaic " I produce, I consume, I throwaway" scheme.

If you click on this nice picture, you will have access to a great article on this subject, especially on what is the circular economy.


Vintage clothing


How do you dress vintage?

Dressing vintage isn't that complicated.

A significant point when we consume vintage is that we are often (almost) forced to buy second-hand. There are now different ways to consume second-hand. You don't have to empty the attic of your grandpa or grandma.

First of all, you now have Half-Half, which we hope is your new favorite second hand brand to find YOUR vintage style. But you also have access to a number of charities ( Emmaus, Catholic Relief Services...), second-hand shops where you might find your happiness. We don't necessarily recommend all the applications that exist today (if you are sensitive to ecological issues). We won't mention names, but this type of applications can lead to over-consumption. (Here's a great article on the subject that explains the "perverse" effects of this kind of applications).

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The advantages of vintage fashion


vintage fashion

In three points:

  1. The cost: When you have little means, it's a good way to redo your wardrobe on a small budget (and a better quality of clothing!).
  2. The style: The great advantage of the vintage style is that you will be the one and only one to have this piece. You'll probably be able to brag in the evening about your coat straight out of the 80's that you bought for not much.
  3. Ecology: As said before, to consume vintage is often to find oneself having to buy second hand. With vintage, you don't throw away. Contrary to the clothes made by the Fast fashion brands. On average, a garment has a lifespan of 30 days after its purchase in major retailers...


In short, a summary of the vintage!

All in all, it's pretty cool to consume vintage. Mainly because you'll have a clear conscience. You'll be able to tell yourself that your clothes didn't travel all the way around the world to get into your wardrobe. Vintage fashion also means authenticity, no one else will have the last piece you've picked up. Maybe you will have to be patient to find your happiness, but you will get a lot of satisfaction when you will have found the "rare pearl".

And if you are convinced of the benefits of vintage fashion, you can take a look at our SHOP.