Vintage tops in 2020


You don't need to be 15 years old to realize that vintage has become a real trend. Today it is as much present in decoration as in clothing, vintage is a way of life. The great difficulty is to succeed in adopting a "vintage" style without looking old-fashioned. A multitude of choices are offered to us when we decide to dress "vintage". The advantage is that generally the piece you're going to pick is unique and respects the planet. Let's not forget to remember that vintage fashion is synonymous with second hand since this piece is supposed to be (in most cases) older than we are.

Another important thing, vintage pieces are authentic, elegant and will give a "sophisticated" character to your outfit. Namely, they are often of good quality, (polyester having arrived in the 70s). It's a bit sad to have to tell ourselves that the clothes of yesteryear were better manufactures than the ones we buy today.

In short, in this article we're going to make you "a little compilation" of the essential vintage tops to have in 2020 and give you all the assets to dress vintage.


The '80s blouses.

Well, we're not gonna hide the fact that at Half and Half we must have a lot of weight. Often made with patterns more than "Kitsch", it's a bit the essential to have for a successful vintage style. Usually you have to go with some simple pieces, a pair of Levi's 501 jeans for example 😉

Quintessence of vintage tops, you will be able to find some for all price ranges ( 10 to 30 euros). However, I advise you to pay attention to the material of the product. Always use cotton if you want to feel good in your blouse (polyester is itchy after a while). You can find a small link below if you want to have a look at our vintage tops on our site.

Vintage Tops

The '80s sweaters.

Once again, we're not hiding the fact that it's a bit of a "sweet sin" at Half-Half. Very practical in the winter period, they are often synonymous with quality because they are made of wool (afterwards we don't promise that some of them can scratch). Same thing as for the blouses, they are vintage tops that generally have to be accompanied by "vintage pieces" rather simple in terms of colours (otherwise it will look like you're going to leave for the carnival in Rio). A suede jacket can be a good compromise, or simply a nice denim jacket (sometimes you have to keep it simple to dress "trendy"). You can also have a look at our 80's sweaters on our E-shop. 😉



Patchwork sweater

Oversize shirts

Last vintage tops to be presented: shirts with an oversize effect. Don't worry if your shirt is two or three times your size, the trick is simply to tuck it into a pair of Mom size pants by adding a pretty belt, see straps or simply wear it as a dress with pretty white high tops, and your look is perfect! By the way, we recommend a great online shop on this subject, Gabba vintage. There you will find a wide selection of shirts, especially from the 80's. But also retro pieces with very nice patterns.


It's not very complicated to adopt a look from the "past" years. However, you have to be able to blend it in gently. Vintage tops are often full of stylistic eccentricities but you can easily boost your style by calming them down with simple pieces. Don't hesitate to mix old and modern, it's often what will bring out the last piece you've picked up recently. However, try to favour ethical and French brands if you want to buy new clothes 🙂 !