Vintage clothing

The essential vintage clothes to have in 2020.

Synonymous with excellence and good taste, but also considered as a real "way of life", vintage seems to be a good alternative to the ethical and aesthetic problems of today's world.

Recently in one of our articles we could see that vintage style was at first associated with luxury. Little by little, with the arrival of second hand, vintage fashion has become a set of products with diverse and varied origins, symbolizing a past era that we want to bring back to the taste of the present.

In this article dedicated to vintage clothing, we will list the must-haves to have in your wardrobe to be or stay cool and sophisticated.

Vintage clothing

Vintage clothing

The Levis 501

An emblematic model of the Levi's firm, the 501 is nowadays like the archetype of jeans. Characterized by its five pockets, a button fly, orange stitching matching the copper rivets, and of course the small red back label.

Legend has it that these jeans were popularized by Andy Warhol, with whom he combined them with a jacket giving the "Warhol Look".

The cool thing about these pants is that you can wear them with anything, you'll still look stylish. If sometimes, like me, you don't feel like dressing up in the morning, I strongly advise you to invest in these jeans. The price ranges are from 60 to 75 euros on the internet, but you can find them at 40 euros on the Half-Half website (just click on the photo below).

jeans levis 501

The Suede Jacket

For the moment, the suede jacket is really a classic of the 80s clothing. We strongly advise you to buy second-hand, because generally a little like the Doc Martens it is a piece that you will keep all your life if it is of good quality.

Like Levi's 501, it's pretty cool if you're lazy about getting dressed in the morning, Levi's jeans, a suede jacket, a white cotton T-shirt and off you go to face the day.

To be "Vintage" is also to know how to dress simply!

By the way, you can find some on Half-Half if you click on the image below...


Suede JacketThe bomber

Popularized by U.S. Army aviators in the 1940s, it's the must-have piece to have in your dressing room during the winter.

We also recommend a great shop for the occasion!

In Lone Aviator, you will find a wide range of aviator accessories and clothing. In particular, they have superb real leather aviator jackets for both women and men that you can find on their pretty site.


The Mom jeans.

Last piece to have in his dressing room to be called a "Vintage addict"!

Here again, it's really synonymous with the '80s. We all remember the "Friends" series with those emblematic characters all dressed in Mom jeans. Same thing, it's a bit the essential piece when you don't feel like getting dressed in the morning but you still want to look "stylish".

A nice jacket, Mom jeans, T-shirt, and you're all set for your day.

Online thrift store Half

Conclusion on vintage clothing

Usually it doesn't take much for you to go vintage. Looking as simple as possible will often give you a sophisticated style!

We hope to have been able to present you in this article some must-haves that you didn't know about vintage fashion 😉.

Don't hesitate to take a look at our vintage clothes, if you're looking for some of these pieces including levi's 501 or suede jackets!